“Something For Everyone” is much more than a catch phrase…

It is who we are—as a Group, What & Who we represent, and how we are Partners with both our Vendors & our Customers.  Entering the Gift Industry in 1971 and running our own company since 1987 helps us understand that within this tripod of Sales Reps, Vendors, & Customers it takes balance and a true understanding of what each of us needs to work together successfully and profitably.


We have 7 field sales people representing Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Montana.  Most all of our reps are veterans and live in their own territory and/or travel to their territory often enough it has become their second home state.  Although veteran reps, they are also proactive and aggressive to these hard economic times.  As owners we do our very best to Think Out Of The Box for our reps to ensure they have all the tools to boost new sales—by helping create Promotions and Assortments for easier sales, passing along success stories, and once in awhile start a contest among them.


Since we are “Something For Everyone” we try to represent most every top category: Gift, Garden, Home Décor, Table Top, Candles, Personal Care, Children, Gourmet, Custom/Souvenir, and Seasonal.  A few of our quality day to day selling lines include: Camille Beckman, Certified International, Highland, Howard's, Manual Woodworkers, Regal Art, WoodWick, Yankee Candle Co., and others.  These lines help us maintain our strong customer base—not only that, some of our customers truly love our reps.  


We thank you all for your continued support.

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