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We've been in this business for many years and it's become clear that we cannot just keep doing

business as we've always done.  So we've made some changes.


First we've added Andrea McEvoy to our management team.  If you haven't already met Andrea you soon will.  Andrea has been a top field rep with us over 17 years.  More importantly she is respected by all her peers, and has an acute understanding of ways to modernize and improve DGA Trendsetters. Adding Andrea to our Management Team is an exciting and important improvement for our entire company.


Another modern change - we have closed our Seattle based showroom.  Regional marts across the Country have been struggling and ours was no different.  Traffic has continued to decline for many years and simply put we could no longer justify paying increased rents for twelve months while only doing good business for 1 week per the 2 Seattle shows.  Our plan is to rotate all our field people to other shows like Atlanta and Las Vegas so they can still obtain the knowledge created at shows.





You've likely heard the phrase "BOSTON STRONG" or "COUNTRY STRONG" or others.  Well we believe it is vital to make sure we are "INDUSTRY STRONG".  We are doing our best to observe all what successful agencies are doing and then incorporating what we can into DGA Trendsetters. Certainly, we and all other progressive agencies, must be willing to make every necessary change to remain successful in this rapidly evolving business world.  With the bulk of our business coming from road sales it is obvious that we maintain the high quality group of field sales people we've had for many years in order to stay "STRONG".

Time to Modernize...

Staying Strong

February News...

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